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If you run a business that trades in a limited area – whether across a couple of states or maybe closer to home – you need to get your message across to potential customers in a highly focused way. You need to call the SEO Agency, a highly experienced local online marketing agency, and sign up for a personalized campaign.

We deliver practical assistance on every aspect of your business marketing. Our focus is primarily on digital marketing techniques, but you’ll find that much of our advice and many of our services are also applicable to traditional marketing activities.

The SEO Agency’s approach to local search engine marketing is simple – be the best by working with the best. Each of our highly trained operatives specializes in online marketing, and we believe our combined experience in promoting local companies is unequalled in our industry. We work with business-to-business clients as well as those who sell primarily to individual consumers.

The Local Marketing Service For You

Getting to know you is the first and most important step of our working relationship. We can’t promote your business effectively unless we understand exactly how you approach your customers, what they typically buy, where they come from, how they are likely to find you – all the details that you probably take for granted.

Simple things matter, and we know what to look for. Something as obvious as a user-friendly map and clear directions to your premises can make a huge difference in your local SEO marketing efforts to a local audience. Tidying up your website and making sure that it works well on smartphones and other mobile devices is another priority. You don’t want to miss out on a customer because your site doesn’t load properly on the latest iPhone – let The SEO Agency take care of it.

We can encourage people to engage with your business, using online promotional materials, newsletters and blogs. We set up email alerts to let your audience know about special offers, promotions and anything that relates to the local side of your business.

The SEO Agency endorses the selective use of traditional media to raise awareness of your online presence. One of the best visitors to your website is the one who seeks you out directly. Make your decision today to work with The SEO Agency’s local marketing service. Our campaigns deliver exceptional value and typically include:

  • Familiarization with your business model and your day-to-day operations. Identification of key customer groups and sales channels.
  • Selection of optimal marketing services appropriate for your organization, and confirmation of target localities.
  • Preparation of required marketing media, including website content, online advertisements and promotional material.
  • Presentation of a detailed campaign plan to you and colleagues. Execution of the plan in agreed stages.
  • Monitoring results including website traffic, dependent sales activity, enquiry levels and revenues. Fine tuning as necessary.

Join us today. Use The SEO Agency’s local search marketing services and prepare for real results.

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