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95% of all search engine traffic goes to the top 10 websites. Where do you rank?

Search Engine Optimization SpecialistsSearch Engine Optimization is the process of enhancing your website to maximize its keyword ranking potential in the search engines.  Search engines place websites that are the most relevant and popular at the top of search results.

SEO elevates your rankings by optimizing the internal and external factors that the search engines examine. Proper optimization gives your website higher rankings and more targeted traffic.  SEO is the best long-term return on investment of all online marketing methods.

SEO breaks down into two parts.

On-Site SEO (Internal)

Numerous technical obstacles can hinder a website from ranking well for its targeted keywords. On-page SEO is the process of finely tuning the design, content and code of your website to make it easier for search engine spiders to properly index and rank your site.

Enhancing content, meta tags, navigation, hyperlinks, anchor text, header tags, and other critical SEO components increases your website’s accessibility and the relevance of your content to your targeted keywords.

Off-Page SEO (External)

Off-page SEO refers to all of the work done to increase your rankings that does not involve making changes to your website. Experts agree that off-page optimization accounts for roughly 80 percent of the search engines ranking algorithms. Off-page optimization consists primarily of building link popularity but also includes building brand and social presence.

Why is SEO Important?

Billions of searches are done everyday on the search engines.  Very few searchers ever scroll past the first page of results with the majority clicking on the 1 of the top 3.  What does that mean for you? If you site is not listed highly you will get little to no traffic from the search engines.

The SEO Agency Advantage

We have been in the SEO marketing agency business for nearly 10 years and are pioneers in the area of link building. Link popularity is 80% of the battle of getting top rankings and we do it better than anyone.  Armed with the most advanced tools and methods, our Search Engine Optimization Specialists deliver cutting-edge SEO solutions customized to your website’s specific needs. We deliver results quickly.

Our Approach


Our operatives meet with you to review your website and learn more about your customers, products and services. We want to understand your business needs and determine how to assist you achieve your online goals.

Website Analysis

Next, our Search Engine Operatives perform a comprehensive analysis of your website identifying factors that are limiting your rankings.

Keyword Research

We are experts in targeting the most powerful and cost-effective keywords and phrases. Using our own proprietary tools and methods, we identify which keywords offer the most value and will send the highest volume of targeted visitors to your site.

Develop Operational Plan

Our operatives create a strategic plan, outlining objectives and tasks to complete over the coming months. With dozens of different products and services at our disposal, our operational plans are custom-built to your website’s specific needs.


We implement the optimization of your website following the assignments and tasks outlined in the operational plan.

Measure Results

Our operatives monitor your campaign and send you monthly reports outlining your campaign’s progress, newly created content, and keyword positions.

Enhance Strategy

We analyze your website’s analytics and continue to enhance your campaign where needed.

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